IT Resourcing

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IT Resourcing is a Tasmanian organisation specialising in the provision of information technology related services.
We provide management and strategic services, specialists for high-level projects and ICT service level agreements.


IT Resourcing maintain a dedicated service desk and offer customised service level agreements to our client base. We have experienced resources available when you need them most.

Always There For You

Support contracts and service level agreements can be customised to meet your needs. Read our Managed Support Services for more information.


With our expertise in IT best practice, IT Resourcing can provide advice to ensure that the systems and processes are in place to keep IT running efficiently and effectively.

Taking Care of Business

We provide a wide range of services including advisory assistance, auditing and strategic planning. Read more in our Advisory Services and Auditing area.


Protection of your business starts with protecting your infrastructure and data. In today's environment, internal and external threats to your systems are greater than ever.

Power of Protection

We have the experience and knowledge to protect your data and systems whilst minimising downtime. More information available in our Technical Services area.